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California Academy Of Animal Aesthetics (CAAA) was founded by Angeli

Lamb in 2006 (County of San Diego, FBN Regn 88207)

Besides running the Academy, she also manages a successful mobile

grooming concern in San Diego, California.


Angeli always has a genuine love for animals and started her pet grooming career

by training at the prestigious Canine Comforts of London, England.

She graduated and was awarded ‘All-Breed Canine Beautician’ certification.

She returned to Singapore as a pioneer in pet grooming and established DogCare

at several prominent veterinary clinics ie.

​The Animal Clinic and The Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital.

She further advanced her skills by undergoing training and testing at PPGC under

the leadership of Pam Lauritzen (current founder of International Society of Canine

Costmotologists) and was awarded Certified Master Groomer. PPGC has since been changed

to International Pet Groomers (IPG)


Attained National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) Certified Master

Groomer. Angeli was the first Asian International Certified Master Groomer (CMG) s/no SNG 01.

Groomed professionally in Canada to further her skills and gain insight to salon development.

Competed at Intergroom ’88 at New Jersey and won 3rd place in Non-Sporting category. Ms. Shirley Kalston who was one of the founders of PPGC, awarded Angeli with a certificate of acheivement and particpation at Intergroom International Education Conference

Apprenticed with Ms. Judy Kirpiel and Ms. Linda Easton of IPG and was successfully bestowed ‘Certifier’ for IPG which accords her the responsibility to examine and certify groomers seeking Certified Master Groomer's status. Angeli also attended The Worldwide Pet Association 'SuperZoo' seminars and workshops.

She relocated to San Diego where she established DogCare USA. She has since been supporting many tradeshows and grooming competitions in the US grooming industry

Angeli Lamb jointly certifies graduates with affliliated school, DogCare Singapore​. She continues to conduct courses & workshops for graduates of DogCare Singapore seeking advance training and post graduate experience in the dynamic USA grooming industry.

About CAAA- Qualifications and Achievements

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